Scarpetta at the Foutaine Bleau

There are thousands of Italian restaurants all over the United States and many of them have great food. My most recent Italian restaurant experience was Scarpetta at the Fountaine Bleau in Miami. It’s a Scott Conant restaurant. We had the Chef’s tasting so that we could try out multiple dishes on the menu. The pasta was pure perfection! Scott Conant knows pasta like no other. It’s a contender for a CR nod. I must give credit to executive Chef MARLON RAMBARAN of the Miami location. Each dish was expertly crafted with technical brilliance and skill. Each bite took me on a journey of true Italian Haute cuisine.

Chef’s tasting included:

RAW YELLOWTAIL w/ olio di zenzero & pickled red onion

BRAISED SHORT RIBS OF BEEF w/ vegetable & farro risotto

CREAMY POLENTA w/ fricassee of truffled mushrooms

SPAGHETTI w/ tomato & basil

DUCK AND FOIE GRAS RAVIOLI w/ marsala reduction

TAGLIATELLE w/ king crab, sea urchin, preserved lemon & rosemary

GRILLED SPANISH TURBOT w/ olive oil crushed potatoes, artichokes, tomatoes & fennel

FILET OF BEEF w/ smoked eggplant, sweet onion, tomato & bone marrow reduction

COCONUT PANNA COTTA w/ caramelized pineapple & guava “soup”

CHOCOLATE ZEPPOLE w/ nutella center, vanilla anglaise & hazelnuts                 

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