Cattleack BBQ

A few years ago I️ was in Dallas and wanted to find a good Bbq spot. I️ did some research and found Cattleack Bbq. I️ went and was taken on a Bbq journey of epic proportions and foodgasim that’s unforgettable. It was perfection! Each time after I️ went it was still epic and remains so today. What I️ appreciate is the consistency in the taste and attention to detail. Many places become popular and they get greedy. This place has remained true from day one. They are only open 2 days a week which I️ think is great because there is no need to always be available, plus it’s so good they can be open for only two days and rock it. I️ think that it has helped maintain the integrity of the bbq. It gives Todd David time to perfect his dishes every week and not throw things together just because of demand. Yes the master mind behind the perfect Bbq is Todd David. He takes it very seriously. His wife Misty David is the face of Cattleack and rightly so. She is very personable and a savvy business woman ensuring customers leave with a smile. I️ now fly well over 100lbs of Bbq back to DC just about every quarter because it’s just that good. If you are ever in Dallas on a Thursday or Friday you must check them out and get there early because the lines are no joke. They are #1 in Dallas and #3 in Texas.

Now I️ will say I️ have tried Bbq all over the world and the attention to detail all the way down to the sides is what keeps me a loyal disciple of the Bbq joint that reins supreme.

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